Edwin Korver
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I'm Edwin Korver

Creator Customer Dynamics™ - Business Consultant

  • Age 51
  • Address Korenbeursstraat 6, 1335 XM ALMERE
  • E-mail info@edwinkorver.com
  • Phone (work) +31 88 123 11 00
  • Mobile +31 65 234 11 11
  • Available Interim Manager or CxO

I’m open to discuss any assignment, per hour or per day, short term or long term, in various managerial positions, ranging from sales and marketing, to business development, application development or digital transformation.


We live in disturbing times. The s-curve of information technology, which started in the sixties and gained momentum in the eighties, is rapidly maturing. This puts pressure on revenues and profits of most incumbent players, while new entrants – that offer better, cheaper and smarter solutions – readily find more and more traction to further disrupt the marketplace.

Although the next big wave ot technology requires a few more years to reach the ascent phase (of the S-curve), some technology and new business models have already started to disrupt existing businesses. The question is therefor not “if technological disruption will hit your business”, but when!

Research shows that almost 75% of brands offer no significance to customers and can easily be replaced. Simply counteracting a disruptive competitor with technology or a new business model is too short-sighted. In order to sustain, brands have to collect data on all touch points to understand the individual needs of customers and learn how to create value for all stakeholders and improve overall customer experience.

Customer Dynamics™, a model developed by yours truly, provides brands with an unique 360-degree customer view. More information can be found on CD-360.com

Bestselling author Peter Drucker once stated: “The purpose of a business is to create a customer“. However, in today’s market we need to shift our attention to retain a customer: by going above and beyond to make sure the customer gets what he needs, so to increase the significance of our brand, giving the customer every reason to come back.

More of my vision on social and digital marketing, leadership, transformation, technology and finance can be found on iCity Magazine – http://iCity.nl

Professional Skills

Information Technology
Digital Marketing
Social Marketing

Work Experience




Consultancy with regards to the Customer Dynamics™ model, an unique and integral framework to help design 3 interrelated processes: business model, value strategy and customer life cycle.

Website: Customer Dynamics™




iCity is focussing on themes related to disruptive innovation, placed in a social, economical and technological context.

Website: iCity Magazine




Developing and marketing a greenscreen-based online video promotion tool - serving companies like PostNL, ANWB, KPN and SONY.

Website: Pageperson

1998 - 2016


Founder/Chief Operations

Offering reliable and secure hosting services to the SMS market.

Website: Enternext

2010 - 2016



Sidekick of a weekly radio talk show on social and digital novalties.

Website: De Digitale Media



Interim General Manager

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of one the largest internet providers in The Netherlands.



Interim Consultant

Helping CMG Finance to gain trust amongst the largest customers of Micrognosis.



Senior Product Manager

Responsible for product and project management with regards to the portfolio of Dow Jones Telerate ie. the dealingroom platform and exchange feeds.

1995 - 1997


Large Account Manager

Responsible for selling and marketing the dealingroom platform to ING Bank worldwide, Nederlandse Bank and other financial institutions. Also day-to-day operations for the Dutch branch office.

1994 - 1995


Interim Sales Manager

Leading a group of freelance sales representatives to sell a PC-based trading platform for stocks and derivatives.

1991 - 1993


Large Account Manager

Responsible for selling system management software to large accounts like SHELL, EXXON, DOW and NAM.

1989 - 1991


Account Manager

Responsible for selling computerservices and applications, based on PowerHouse 4GL, to medium and large accounts, like BOSKALIS and AKZO.

1987 - 1989


Sales Representative

Responsible for selling applications and services to trucking companies.



Governance Essentials

NCD Academy

1994 - 1997

Various courses: FOREX and derivatives trading

Amsterdam/London/Dublin/New York

1991 - 1995

Various courses: sales and marketing



System Analysis & Programming


1982 - 1986

Civil Engineering

Hogeschool Rotterdam

1977 - 1982

School for higher general secondary education

Angelus Merula


This is a small collage of customers of Enternext, Enterware, Pageperson and Tenfore.


  • Ed is one of those people that loves to get things done. Results matter. He is an innovator and very creative in coming up with solutions for a range of issues that pop-up in the process, be they expected or out of left field. I would strongly recommend his services and the addition of his creativity and focus on results, to any team or business.

    Michel van Leeuwen
    Michel van Leeuwen Group Chief Executive
  • Gedreven, nieuwsgierig en altijd bereid een extra stapje te zetten in een tijd dat internet nog in de kinderschoenen stond en iedereen eromheen het beter wist. Edwin is een van de weinigen die de essentiële ervaringen en kennis van TOEN kan combineren met de uitdagingen van NU. Wat hem een unieke positie oplevert, waar menigeen van profiteert die met hem samenwerkt. Met nog steeds dezelfde eigenschappen....

    Gerard van Vliet
    Gerard van Vliet CEO NCD - Dutch Association of Directors and Boardmembers
  • I have come to know Edwin as a very inspiring person and have truly enjoyed working with him. His (business) spirit is engaging and it has always been a pleasure to go the extra mile for him, as that favor would always be returned.

    Stefan Beishuizen
    Stefan Beishuizen Former Gartner | Regional Sales Director Benelux
  • De afgelopen 2 jaar heb ik verschillende malen met Edwin mogen samenwerken. Tijdens deze samenwerking, waar wij aan meerdere projecten werkten, was de kennis van Edwin altijd van grote waarde. Niet alleen was hij een grote toevoeging bij het coachen en begeleiden van het complete sales en marketing team. Ook is hij in die tijd voor mij een inspirator geweest en van groot belang voor mijn persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

    Edwin is, met zijn kijk naar het moderne ondernemen, in staat om te innoveren binnen organisaties. Door zijn jarenlange ervaring en specialisatie in de digitale wereld is hij in staat om technologie en marketing samen te brengen en hierin bestaande of nieuwe bedrijfsstrategieën uit te werken.

    Daarnaast is het absoluut prettig samen werken met Edwin en is hij een ontzettend sterke sparringpartner. Edwin is iemand die jou zelf aan het denken zet door je ook de andere kant op te laten kijken. Om deze redenen kan ik Edwin dan ook van harte aanraden aan elke ondernemer die op zoek is naar innovatie, inspiratie, expertise en nieuwe manieren om de bedrijfsstrategie te ontwikkelen.

    Tom Klaus
    Tom Klaus Account Manager
  • I know Edwin as a keen speaker on social media. A good guy. He is that social media driven person who knows how to bright up every social media marketing campagne. With his own development team, hosting provider and know-how on everything about the internet. Invite this tech-champ into your winners team and you'll notice differences immediately.

    Jonathan Baij SpeakerCollege.nl


€ 750 /session

Inspiration Session Customer Dynamics™

  • The Basics of Customer Dynamics™
  • The Components of the Framework
  • The Benefits of Integral Design
  • Max. 4 hours
€ 1250 /day

Assessment Customer Dynamics™

  • Interviews with key players: managers, employees and customers
  • Focus on the key elements: business model, value strategy and customer life cycle
  • Findings report based on feedback and analyses
  • Max. 2 days
€ 150 /hour

Business Strategist

Assignment dependant.

I am generally flexible and available on fixed time or hourly basis.



Cycle of Innovation and Disruption™


The Cycle of Innovation and Disrupion™

I created a simple, yet intuitive model to describe the way innovation and disruption are interrelated.

The model demonstrates that technological disruption is initiated by a need or an opportunity for social innovation. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee tried to solve a communicaton problem that existed between scientist in CERN, who used different computersystems and programs that could not ‘talk’ directly, he unintentionally invented the internet.

Technological innovation makes some previous technology obsolete. The iPhone supplanted (fully, partially or expected) at least 25 products and even some industries. When Bell Labs patented the invention of the transistor they knew it would change the industry: the production of vacuumtubes was destined to be destructed.

Technological disruption almost always leads to a loss of certain jobs and a demise of demand for certain skills. Besides forcing suppliers of replaced technology to look for other opportunities.

When the technological and social disruption requires the intervention of boards or governments, this will lead to social innovation. Companies could re-educate personel, and governments could decide for a universal basic income.

And because humans are always looking for ways to do things better, smarter, faster, cheaper or more durable the spark for the next cycle is continuously fired.


Business Model Compass™


Business Model Compass™

The Business Model Compass™, I’ve developed during 2014, describes the core elements of a (social) business, placed in context of the times we live in.

Economists like Kondratieff, Perez and Armstrong each support the theory of a long wave of approximately 50-60 years. According to common believe, and co-inspired by economist Joseph Schumpeter, each economical wave is propelled by technological innovation – destructing old technology and paving the way for new technology.

We are in the final stages – the so-called ‘regression’ (Kondratieff) or ‘maturity’ (Perez) phase – of a long wave that began around ’65-’70 (monetization of the invention of the transistor). The innovations that started the current long cycle, and gained momentum in the eighties, are all maturing. And because of this demand is falling rapidly, forcing companies to cut down on (labour) costs. And replace humans with digital intelligence and robotics. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear.

As Clayton Christensen explained in The Innovator’s Dilemma, most business today innovate, but merely in an attempt to sustain their position in the marketplace, rather than to invest long term in break-through innovations.

We need to break the cycle, but how? From previous ages we know that going to war provides adequate impulse to break through the barriers of fear and uncertainty.

The Business Model Compass™ is a work in progress, but so far, it brought me great insight in the way businesses (have to) move through the cycles.

Tenfore – Digital Strategy


The Opportunities and Threats of the Age of Intelligence

Some twenty years ago I joined a company and controled a group of sales reps to sell a product that was very disruptive to that of the incumbent suppliers (Reuters, Dow Jones and Bloomberg). Tenfore offered a low-priced, PC-based platform for portfolio management and option trading.

Today, Tenfore is my company and it is back into the arena of technological disruption. Just not with a product, but with a vision and a mission.

The word Tenfore is derived from the code ’10-4′, one of the ten-signals that were used to represent common phrases in voice communication on citizens band. 10-4 meant ‘I acknowledge’, ‘Affirmative’ or ‘Copy’. Most would say ‘OK’.

When I was thinking of a company name that represents ‘the need to understand the other’, I could not have thought of a better name.

I noticed early that social and digital technology combined would create the potential to change the landscape of the way we do business profoundly and irriversibly. And offer great opportunities to many, but also great threats to most. I felt compelled to warn people and started blogging. Than came to realize I could do much more.

With Tenfore I’m now focussing on how to close the growing chasm between digital leaders and laggards. Study shows that the Fortune-100 company are well prepared for the Age of Intelligence, but moving down the Fortune-500 problems begin to show. Needless to say what is the case further down the ladder ..

Three years ago I needed a model to understand the implications of social and digital media. SELL360 is now (about) ready to be released. Based on SELL360, I’m working on a set of tools to help companies with actual insights in how the company is perceived (from multiple standpoints), how it is versus should be controlled, its brand identity, value perception, customer experiences and much more. To help them lead in a digital world, where everything is connected and intelligence is vital.

More information can (soon) be found on http://tenfore.associates and http://sell.social

CEL360 – Customer Extension Lifecycle

Design Models Platforms

CEL360 - Customer Extension Lifecycle

Everything that can be disrupted will be” was the title of my keynote speech on Social Media Week (2014). In it I referred to Nicholas Negroponte’s statement “Everything that can be digital will be” (1995, ‘Being Digital’), and combined it with the insights from Joseph Schumpeter’s Theory of Innovation.

Schumpeter, economist and one the greatest intellectuals of the 20th century, argued in his theory – also known as “creative destruction” – that technological innovation is a prerequisite for and the main driver of economic growth.

Today, new technology (and subsequent business models) isn’t just making some old technology obsolete, it is making allmost all technology obsolete, at once. Artificial intelligence, robotics, fintech, biotech, Internet of Things, big data, smart chat bots, programmatic, solar energy, the human genome, self-driving cars, the sharing economy: all testament to the notion that we are moving away from the Age of Information and straight into the Age of Intelligence.

To survive and thrive in this day and age, businesses need to have a 360-degree view of every customer, close the gap between company silo’s, using advanced digital techniques, in order to offer the most relevant value and the best possible experience to their most valuable customers.

CEL360 is an unique integral 360-degree model on customer-centricity, incorporating all customer-facing activities into one model. CEL360 was designed to help businesses to grow by increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). CEL360 inspires to act purposefully, create meaningful content, deliver a superior customer experience at every touch point, achieve operational excellence and grow from advocacy.

Businesses can no longer afford to act solely business-driven. They need to learn how to think, act and operate holistically, build multidisciplinary teams and innovate.

There is little time to waste. Use it wisely.

iCity Magazine

iCity Magazine – Connect the Dots


iCity Magazine - Connect the Dots

After 5 years of blogging about social media on De Sociale Media I needed to expand my focus, beyond the realm of social.

Undoubtedly, social media has become an integral part of our lives. But without digital, social would have remained local. In the next few years technological innovation will disrupt most if not all of the things around us.

The Internet of Everything (things, information, energy and transportation), nano- and biotechnology, free energy, robots and artificial intelligence are just a few aspects that will influence the demand for human labor and our potential for economical growth.

However, we shouldn’t be afraid of the future: it will be bright for those that are prepared and willing to adapt.

These are the issues I want to cover on iCity Magazine [/ˌaɪsiːˈti/ or just ICT]

The logo expresses the goal to connect the dots of past, current and (predictable) future events. The phrase “connect the dots” is often used as a metaphor to illustrate an ability (or inability) to associate one idea (or event) with another, to find the “bigger picture”, or salient feature, in a mass of data.

iCity Magazine invites international experts, mavens and futurist to participate in making iCity Magazine the reference of choice for those that want to be ready for the future.

Join us via: editor@icity.nl


PAGEPERSON – Keeps You in Focus


PAGEPERSON - Keeps You in Focus

PAGEPERSON offers a video plug-in for your website that allows you to welcome your website visitors in person, and tell your visitor what value you have to offer and what makes your brand or product/service stand-out from the crowd.

The video is shot against green screen and displayed in a transparant video player. The effect is that a PAGEPERSON looks like a real person, actually standing in front of your website.

Not only will a PAGEPERSON video draw attention, but it has also proven to be very convincing. And because you can trigger multiple call-to-actions during the video, you can easily lead your visitor to the next stage in the customer journey.

This is a list of customers – http://www.pageperson.com/klanten_90.html

De Digitale Media

Radio show De Digitale Media


Weekly radio show De Digitale Media

Every Monday morning I’m acting as an expert on social and digital media for a radio show on Omroep Flevoland, a regional station. I was invited to join the show in 2010 by radio host Leo Schouwenaar, based on a recommendation by Bert Wouts (now retired).

During the weekend I’m preparing the topics, submitted by the station. On listener’s demand I’ve set up a website to cover all relevant information, video’s and images.

Number of listeners: 30.000-35.000.


Products, concepts and platforms I’ve launched during the past five years.


Whenever I’m not working, I’m reading (books, magazines, blogs, social networks) about marketing, technology, strategy or management. Or I’m watching TED-talks or listen to podcasts.

Whenever I need to escape the digital realm, I like to garden, go sailing, play a round of golf or play a game of snooker. And when I need to recharge my batteries, I enjoy taking my wife and dog for a stroll along the beach.

  • Golf
  • Learning
  • Sailing

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  • Mobile +31 65 234 11 11
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  • Address Korenbeursstraat 6, 1335 XM ALMERE