CO2 is een non-discussie

Wie de populaire lijn in de media en de politiek volgt kan er niet aan voorbij: CO2 is een razend gevaarlijk gas, wat wij 'domme' mensen door het massaal verbranden…

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Author’s Backstory

There is a lot that can be said with regards to what motivated me to create the ROUNDMAP™ and I will share some personal details in my first book. But…

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The Health-Growth Paradox

Business growth seems to be on top of everyone’s agenda. We have to innovate to outperform the competition, transform ourselves into a digital business and analyze data do uncover even…

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Introduction to customer narratives

The analogy of a customer 'journey' to describe how customers progress in the customer lifecycle is to my understanding incorrect. Humans tend to create narratives to make sense of their world. So I…

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