Author’s Backstory

There is a lot that can be said with regards to what motivated me to create the ROUNDMAP™ and I will share some personal details in my first book. But for now, just know that my inspiration came, while being treated in hospital in 2012, from a brief encounter with a 68-year old man who died three weeks later. This changed my perception of what care for one another means, even amongst total strangers. Struggled as a Salesman Prior to being a longtime entrepreneur, I was in sales for 10 years and often struggled to sell to customers. Deep…

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The Health-Growth Paradox

Business growth seems to be on top of everyone’s agenda. We have to innovate to outperform the competition, transform ourselves into a digital business and analyze data do uncover even the smallest of anomalies. But is it really possible to grow any organism, that is stressed out, disengaged and (therefore) resistant to change? Running Your First Marathon If you've decided to run your first marathon in six months, how do you prepare yourself? To just appear at the start and start running isn’t likely to get you very far. So, you might want to consider taking in some advice…

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Introduction to customer narratives

The analogy of a customer 'journey' to describe how customers progress in the customer lifecycle is to my understanding incorrect. Humans tend to create narratives to make sense of their world. So I would like to suggest to use the term customer narrative instead. Following engagement with the brand, the customer will start to create a new narrative, including fragments of the brand's story. People tend to use narratives as supporting mechanisms to deal with the uncertainties of life. They believe that if they are capable to understand the meaning of the past, they can somehow predict the future, or at least…

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